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An object that knows how to create Mosaics based on the Mosaic Info and Namespace configuration.


  • Currency




  • new Currency(__namedParameters: { divisibility: number; mosaicId: undefined | MosaicId; namespaceId: undefined | NamespaceId; restrictable: boolean; supplyMutable: boolean; transferable: boolean; unresolvedMosaicId: undefined | MosaicId | NamespaceId }): Currency


Readonly divisibility

divisibility: number

Divisibility of this currency, required to create Mosaic from relative amounts.

Optional Readonly mosaicId

mosaicId: MosaicId

Mosaic id of this currency. This value is optional if the user only wants to provide the mosaic id. This value will be set if it's loaded by rest.

Optional Readonly namespaceId

namespaceId: NamespaceId

The Namespace id of this currency. This value is option if the user only wants to provide the namespace id. This value will be set if it's loaded by rest.

Readonly restrictable

restrictable: boolean

Is this currency restrictable.

Readonly supplyMutable

supplyMutable: boolean

Is this currency supply mutable.

Readonly transferable

transferable: boolean

Is this currency transferable.

Readonly unresolvedMosaicId

unresolvedMosaicId: UnresolvedMosaicId

The selected unresolved mosaic id used when creating Mosaic. This could either be the Namespace or the Mosaic id.

Static Readonly PUBLIC

PUBLIC: Currency = new Currency({namespaceId: new NamespaceId('symbol.xym'),divisibility: 6,transferable: true,supplyMutable: false,restrictable: false,})

Currency for public / Public_test network.

This represents the per-network currency mosaic. This mosaicId is aliased with namespace name symbol.xym.

This simplifies offline operations but general applications should load the currency from the repository factory and network currency service.

If you are creating a private network and you need offline access, you can create a Currency in memory.




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