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The normal block info structure describes basic information of a block.


  • NormalBlockInfo




  • new NormalBlockInfo(recordId: string, size: number, hash: string, generationHash: string, totalFee: UInt64, stateHashSubCacheMerkleRoots: string[], totalTransactionsCount: number, signature: string, signer: PublicAccount, networkType: NetworkType, version: number, type: BlockType, height: UInt64, timestamp: UInt64, difficulty: UInt64, feeMultiplier: number, previousBlockHash: string, blockTransactionsHash: string, blockReceiptsHash: string, stateHash: string, proofGamma: string, proofScalar: string, proofVerificationHash: string, beneficiaryAddress: Address, transactionsCount: number, statementsCount: number): NormalBlockInfo
  • Parameters

    • recordId: string
    • size: number
    • hash: string
    • generationHash: string
    • totalFee: UInt64
    • stateHashSubCacheMerkleRoots: string[]
    • totalTransactionsCount: number
    • signature: string
    • signer: PublicAccount
    • networkType: NetworkType
    • version: number
    • type: BlockType
    • height: UInt64
    • timestamp: UInt64
    • difficulty: UInt64
    • feeMultiplier: number
    • previousBlockHash: string
    • blockTransactionsHash: string
    • blockReceiptsHash: string
    • stateHash: string
    • proofGamma: string
    • proofScalar: string
    • proofVerificationHash: string
    • beneficiaryAddress: Address
    • transactionsCount: number
    • statementsCount: number

    Returns NormalBlockInfo


Readonly beneficiaryAddress

beneficiaryAddress: Address

The beneficiary address.

Readonly blockReceiptsHash

blockReceiptsHash: string

The block receipt hash.

Readonly blockTransactionsHash

blockTransactionsHash: string

The block transaction hash.

Readonly difficulty

difficulty: UInt64

The POI difficulty to harvest a block.

Readonly feeMultiplier

feeMultiplier: number

The feeMultiplier defined by the harvester.

Readonly generationHash

generationHash: string

The generation hash

Readonly hash

hash: string

The block hash.

Readonly height

height: UInt64

The height of which the block was confirmed. Each block has a unique height. Subsequent blocks differ in height by 1.

Readonly networkType

networkType: NetworkType

The network type.

Readonly previousBlockHash

previousBlockHash: string

The last block hash.

Readonly proofGamma

proofGamma: string

The proof gamma.

Readonly proofScalar

proofScalar: string

The proof scalar.

Readonly proofVerificationHash

proofVerificationHash: string

The proof verification hash.

Readonly recordId

recordId: string

The database record id.

Readonly signature

signature: string

The block signature. The signature was generated by the signer and can be used to validate that the blockchain data was not modified by a node.

Readonly signer

The public account of block harvester.

Readonly size

size: number

Entity size in bytes.

Readonly stateHash

stateHash: string

The state hash.

Readonly stateHashSubCacheMerkleRoots

stateHashSubCacheMerkleRoots: string[]

State hash sub cache merkle roots

Readonly statementsCount

statementsCount: number

Readonly timestamp

timestamp: UInt64

The number of milliseconds elapsed since the creation of the nemesis blockchain.

Readonly totalFee

totalFee: UInt64

The sum of all transaction fees included in the block.

Readonly totalTransactionsCount

totalTransactionsCount: number

The total number of transactions confirmed (including embedded transaction) included.

Readonly transactionsCount

transactionsCount: number

The number of statements confiemd (excluding embedded transaction) included.

Readonly type

type: BlockType

The block type.

Readonly version

version: number

The transaction version.

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